We have multiple schools with high level players committed to attend.  We will provide lunch, snacks and water throughout the day.  It will be a full day of fun!

Each team meet will follow the format of ABC vs XYZ.  Three players against each other.  One player from each team will play two singles and the other two will each play one single and team up to play the double's match.

We will be serving lunch and snacks throughout the day so the student athletes will not go hungry.  Depending on the interest and time, we may also be able to have a dinner together at the end of the tournament so we can make more friends.

Looking forward to a fun day with you!

School team registration form can be downloaded here:

For students participating at AYTTO National tournament, please download the waiver form here, fill it out/sign it and return it to either thomas.hu@aytto.org or jasper.wong@aytto.org